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St.Teresa’s Western Province

The Provincial Team 2024

(From Left to Right)
Sr. Sujata Thopelya, Sr. Mary Emelia, Sr. Angela V.J, Sr. Mary Anita, Sr. Wilma Mendes, Sr. Sharlet Xavier, Sr. Mary Pamela

Name Designation Portfolio
Sr. Wilma Mendes Provincial Superior Provincial Superior
Sr. Mary Anita First Councillor Finance
Sr. Sharlet Xavier Second Councillor Formation & Secretary
Sr. Angela V.J Third Councillor Education
Sr. Mary Pamela Fourth Councillor Spirituality
Sr. Mary Emelia Provincial Bursar Bursar
Sr. Sujata Thopelya Provincial Secretary  Secretary 

St. Teresa of Avila: Patroness of our Province

Prayer is the door to eternity

St. Teresa our Mystic Mother,
Trusted God alone in every sphere,
Remained in tune with God our Father,
Stands in our time as admirer.

On the occasion of 500th birth anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila, Pope Francis praised the Spanish Mystic and reformer for being a sure and attractive model of total Self-giving to God. Although St. Teresa of Avila lived and wrote almost four centuries ago, her superbly inspiring classic on the practice of prayer is as fresh and meaningful today as it was when she first wrote it. ‘The Way of Perfection’ is a practical guide to prayer and directives for the attainment of spiritual perfection for her sisters. The graceful journey of Our Holy Mother Teresa, has left behind the legacy. Her mission on earth was the vision of Christ. The ages have passed by but the admirable soul and adorable heart which was pierced by the darts of the Angel still lives for the love of Christ. She was the woman of prayer, a woman for God lived the life of silence and solitude. She detached herself from earthly pleasure and yearned for heavenly treasure and with the determined heart won the spiritual battle and became one with Christ. Prayer was her delight, prayer was her strength, prayer was her destiny which led her to the door of eternity. St. Teresa of Avila, a woman of courage and compassion, offers much encouragement to her Sisters at every stage of their spiritual journey. She teaches her sisters that 'Prayer' is the door to eternity. We need to have a determined determination to persevere patiently on our journey of faith.
‘Determined Determination’ is the template, model or blue print for Carmelite spirituality, according to our Holy Mother St. Teresa. We are called to emulate our Mother by living in community the three essentials of a prayer-filled life - fraternal love, detachment from created things and true humility.

Provincial’s Message

Our Consecrated life is like fragrant incense in the sight of God. The daily prayers, nourished by the Word of God, the Eucharist and our Carmelite Spirituality, call for surrender to the fire of God's love, to be more closely united with Him, who is Love. A grain of incense is very tiny, but when we put it in contact with a little fire, we see what is produced. So it is with our Consecrated life when we offer ourselves to God for service through our apostolate, especially to the poor and marginalized. It may seem a small thing, but God will see to it that what we do every day, will bring fragrance to His people and abundant joy to the poor. We will strive together to seek His will and be Instrumental in unfolding God's plan for us. We aspire to transform our Province into a unified Teresian community, a happy peaceful home, and a haven of prayer. To realize this vision, we need your dedicated hearts, willing hands, and active support. Now we forge ahead the synodal way, that is genuine communication among our sisters first, that welcomes collaborative participation for a generous mission to fulfil our Charism.

“"The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love."

Pope Francis.

Our Motto

"God Alone suffices"

Our Vision

To build a community where all especially the youth feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop their potential to the full and place it at the service of humanity.

Our Mission

As visualized by our Foundress, Mother Veronica of the Passion, Education is our main apostolate. The Eucharistic Lord provides us the strength to render selfless service to the people of God.
Hence we
  • strive to focus on transforming the lives of the youth,
  • attend to their spiritual, psychological, emotional and intellectual growth, in an active, pleasant and preferential technology-based environment.
  • We conscientize them on respect for life and morality. Promote value-based, eco sensitive learning and assist them to be channels of change in their families and the cosmos at large.
  • Engage in other works of mercy: lead and support all who approach us to change their lives with hope, comfort and peace.

St. Teresa’s Province was established on 30th December 2006

Thanks to technology, it has opened up broader horizons; we can always stay closer and connected. Our Communities and Establishments are involved in social outreach programme as per need and situation. We provide remedial classes for the under privileged children after the school hours. Our sisters are engaged in the Education of Tribal children. This ‘in essence’ is the response of our inner being. Young women experiencing a burning desire to witness to the love of Jesus, sharing His Good News are welcome to join us.
St. Teresa’s Province stretches across Mumbai, Palghar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi up to Jammu and Kashmir. We serve in the dioceses of Mumbai, Vasai, Gujarat, Agra, Delhi, Bareilly Lucknow and J&K. Our Province work in 5 states and 8 Diocese. We have 19 communities and 24 Educational institutions in the States of J & k, U.P, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra. In the Diocese of Mumbai, Vasai, Gujarat, Agra, Delhi, Bareilly, Lucknow and J& K. Through our Mission of Education we aspire and strive to focus on transforming lives of the students of all faiths to be channels of change in their families and cosmos at large.

Social apostolate

Education is our primary ministry as visualized by our Foundress Mother Veronica of the Passion. Our Communities and Institutions are involved in social outreach programme as per need and situation.
  • We provide Remedial classes for the under privileged children after the School hours.
  • We are also engaged in the Education of Tribal children
  • The “ME to WE Project” reaches out to needy children of the school and provides them with requirements like study material, stationeries, toiletries, linen and grains throughout the year.
  • Literacy programmes for house-maids.
  • Visit to Tata Memorial Hospital
  • We conscientize the youth on respect for life and morality. This ‘in essence’ is the response of our inner being.

Educational Institutions

Our Own : 20 Educational Institutions

  1. St. Teresa’s Junior College Of Education (D.Ed), Santacruz
  2. St. Teresa’s Special School, Santacruz
  3. St. Teresa’s Convent High School, Santacruz
  4. Gloria Convent High School, Byculla
  5. St. Aloysius Primary School – (Mar. Medium), Papdy
  6. St. Aloysius High School – (Mar. Medium), Papdy
  7. St. Aloysius Junior College Of Education (Marathi) D.Ed, Papdy
  8. Pushpanjali College of Education B.Ed, Papdy
  9. Carmelite Convent High School, Sandor
  10. St. Paul’s Convent, High School, Dadar
  11. St. Francis Xavier’s Convent High School, ICSE, Matheran
  12. St. Louis' Convent High School, Andheri
  13. St. Aloysius Convent High School Chanebori, Vasai
  14. Sacred Heart Convent Higher Secondary School, (ICSE & ISC), Mathura
  15. Lourdes Convent, Higher Secondary School (Eng. Med) Surat
  16. Queen of Angels’ Convent High School (Gujarati Med) Bharuch
  17. Queen of Angels’ Convent Higher Secondary School, Bharuch
  18. St. Marys Convent Higher Secondary School, Alibag
  19. Immaculate Conception Convent Higher Secondary School,(ICSE & ISC), Lucknow
  20. Infant Jesus Play School, Okhla, Delhi

Under Diocese : 4 Educational Institutions

  1. St. Peters High School, Jammu.
  2. St. Fidelis School, Aligarh.
  3. Bishop Conrad Senior Secondary School, Barreily.
  4. St. George Convent School, Batote


  • B.Ed Colleges – 2
  • D.T.Ed – 2
  • High School – 24
  • Primary School – 24
  • K.G – 24
  • Nursery - 2
  • Special School – 1
  • NIOS – 1
  • Homes for Children – 1 (of the Mumbai Diocese)
  • Any Other – Crèche -1

St. Teresa's Province, Mumbai

Establishment of Convents

Sr. No. Name of the Convent Year of Establishment
1 St. Teresa's Convent, Santa Cruz 1922
2 Carmelite Convent, Sandor 1941
3 Our Lady of Grace Convent, Papdy 1944
4 Sacred Heart Convent, Mathura 1958
5 Our Lady of Glory Convent, Byculla 1959
6 St. Paul's Convent , Dadar 1966
7 St. Francis's Xavier Convent, Matheran 1968
8 St. Mary’s Convent, Alibag 1972
9 St. Louis Convent, Andheri 1975
10 Queen of Angel's Convent, Bharuch 1979
11 Queen of Carmel Convent, Surat 1978
12 Infant Jesus Convent, Okhla 1988
13 Immaculate Conception Convent, Bareilly 1989
14 Immaculate Conception Convent, Lucknow 1999
15 St. Aloysius Convent, Chanebori 2005
16 Frances Bhavan, Batote 2008
17 St. Peter's Convent, Jammu 2012
18 Holy Spirit Convent, Aligarh 2015
19 St. Teresa's Provincialate, Santa Cruz 2006