Central - The Congregation of The Carmelite Religious


St. Joseph Provincialate, Kharadi, Pune
(Sachidanand Niwas)

The Provincial Team

(From Left to Right)
Row 1 Sr. Agnes Lopes, Sr. M. Genevieve, Sr. Philda Varghese, Sr. Philomena Viegas, Sr. Jane Bavelil
Row 2 Sr. Teresa Joseph, Sr. Veena Dourado

Name Designation Portfolio
Sr. Philda Varghese Provincial Superior Provincial
Sr. Philomena Viegas First Councillor Finance
Sr. Agnes Lopes Second Councillor Spirituality
Sr. Teresa Joseph Third Councillor Education / Mission
Sr. Jane Bavelil Fourth Councillor Formation
Sr. M. Genevieve Provincial Bursar Bursar
Sr. Veena Dourado Provincial Secretary Secretary

Patron Saint of the Province:
St. Joseph (Guardian of the Redeemer and Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

St. Joseph, Faithful and Prudent

St. Joseph, a faithful servant of God, although uniquely associated with the mystery of salvation, is hardly spoken of in the Bible. St. Joseph was faithful, prudent, righteous, obedient, pure, humble, silent and just. Though he experienced difficulties like we do, he lived an exemplary life. He was a man of unwavering faith and utmost trust in God’s Providence. St. Joseph never questioned God but carried out God’s will as God’s will was of paramount importance to him. After the visit of the Magi, upon receiving the Angel’s warning, St. Joseph took his little family and fled to Egypt, After Herod’s death, the Angel again instructed St. Joseph that it was time to return to the Land of Israel, and he unhesitatingly did so. St. Joseph faithfully loved, protected and took care of the Child Jesus and the Virgin Mary. He was the perfect guardian of the Holy Family. He did the ordinary things of everyday life with love. St. Joseph’s soul was ablaze with the intense love of God. We, the CCR Sisters too, like St. Joseph can learn to be perfect accomplishers of God’s Will and do ordinary things of everyday life with love, for the greater Glory of God.

Message of the Provincial

Life is a journey and each of us is a captain of our life. Spiritual journey is one of the constant transformations. Spiritual transformation leads us to be Christ like. Christ like attitude of the inner being is a gift of grace. The grace is God acting in our life to accomplish what we cannot do on our own. Let us continue our journey of transformation filled with the Divine. In the footsteps of Venerable Mother Veronica, our Foundress, we live as contemplatives in action, and as women who seek to make the difference for a difference in the world. For this, we need to be people of prayer. This necessity of prayer is based upon our necessity of grace. Without grace it is impossible to make progress in the spiritual life to save our souls. Therefore, our need of grace and need of prayer is continued. If the intensity of our spiritual life is in proportion to our fund of grace, then, the intensity of our spiritual life is in proportion to our spirit of prayer.

I am quite certain that the One who began this good work in you will see that it is finished when the Day of Christ Jesus comes.

(Phil. 1:6)

Our Motto

Virtuous Living Ennobles our Being.

Our Vision

Imparting education for life and emphasizing on all round development of each child: Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Social, emotional and Physical.

Our Mission

  • To help our pupils build a strong faith in God and in themselves.
  • To promote value-based learning.
  • To help children unfold their full potential.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards environment and life.
  • To empower them to be well-balanced citizens.
  • To use technology-aided learning effectively and with responsibility.

St. Joseph Province was established on June 06, 2006

The CCR Sisters of St. Joseph Province, Pune are spreading the Gospel values through the medium of Education and Geriatric Care in the States of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Telangana. We have 18 communities in 8 Dioceses i.e., Karwar, Belgaum, Mysore, Poona, Nashik, Telangana, Khammam and Archdiocese of Goa.

Walking in the footsteps of our Foundress, Venerable Mother Veronica, whose ultimate goal was to uplift the girl child through the medium of Education, we her daughters strive for excellence in the field of education as we impart quality education to our pupils both in the cities and in the rural villages.

Educational Institutions

Our Own : 13 Educational Institutions

  1. St. Josephs Convent High School, Khadki
  2. Our Lady of Fatima Convent High School, Bhusaval
  3. Holy Angel's Convent, High School, Wagholi, Pune
  4. Little Flower Convent High School, Sholapur
  5. O. L. Perp. Suc. Convent High School, Curchorem, Goa
  6. Rosa Mystica Convent High School, Kamalapuram
  7. Sac. Heart Convent High School, Ahmednagar
  8. St. Michael’s Convent High School, Karwar
  9. Flos Carmeli Convent Higher Secondary School, (ISC & ICSE), Mysore
  10. St. Josephs Convent Higher Secondary School, And CBSE - Jalgaon
  11. Regina Carmeli Convent High School, Palwancha
  12. Mother of God Convent Majorda. K. G
  13. St. Xavier’s Institution K.G., Panjim.

Under Diocese : 2 Educational Institutions

  1. St. Jude High School, Betalbattim, Goa.
  2. Sarvodaya High School, Khanapur, Belgaum


  • High School – 11
  • K.G – 1
  • NIOS – 1
  • Hostel for Students – 1
  • Boarding Houses – 2
  • Crèche -1
  • Old age Home – 1

St. Joseph Province, Pune

Establishment of Convents

Sr. No. Name of the Convent Year of Establishment
1 St. Michael's Convent, Karwar (Karnataka) 1927
2 St. Joseph's Convent, Khadki (Maharashtra) 1950
3 Sacred Heart Convent, Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) 1950
4 Little Flower Convent, Solapur (Maharashtra) 1950
5 Our Lady of Fatima Convent,Bhusawal (Maharashtra) 1950
6 Mother of God Convent, Majorda (Goa) 1967
7 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour,Sanvordem (Goa) 1977
8 St. Xavier's Institute, Panjim (Goa) 1981
9 St. Joseph's Convent, Jalgaon (Maharashtra) 1980
10 Regina Carmeli Convent,Palwancha (Telangana) 1981
11 St. Thomas Villa, Bodiem (Goa) 1985
12 Rosa Mystica, Convent,Kamalapuram (Telangana) 1992
13 Flos Carmeli Convent, Mysore (Karnataka) 2002
14 Holy Angel’s Convent, Wagholi (Maharashtra) 2006
15 St. JosephProvincialate, Kharadi, Pune (Maharashtra) 2006
16 Pushpa Nilaya, Belgaum (Karnataka) 2007
17 Carmel Bhavan, Karunapuram (Telangana) 2007
18 Veronica Villa, Assolda (Goa) 2009