Formation - The Congregation of The Carmelite Religious




is to prepare candidates for a total consecration of themselves to God in the following of Christ & be of service to the Church’s Mission.

In the footsteps of Mother Veronica

  • 1. Aspirancy

    is the first phase of the journey towards religious life. It is a period of self-discovery, a time to intensify the experience of Christian living and get initiated into the religious and CCR way of life.
  • 2. Postulancy

    It is meant to help the candidate to mature in her option for our way of life, furnish herself with enough knowledge of the Scriptures, the Christian faith & make preparation to enter Noviciate.
  • 3. Novitiate

    The journey of formal commitment begins in the novitiate. Through reflection on the Word of God, diligent study and assimilation of the Constitutions, daily effort in self-discipline, and the integration of work and prayer. Mother Veronica formed the pioneers instilling in them the Spirit of obedience, humility& prayer .Making the Eucharist the centre of their Life.
  • 4. Juniorate

    corresponds to the entire period of temporary vows. It is a very important time of formation for growth in one’s vocation and preparation for Perpetual profession.
  • 5. Tertianship

    enables the Tertian to prepare herself for the Final Vows, preparing mentally & spiritually to make her final decision to be the Bride of Christ
  • 6. Final Vows

    Silences the mind to enter into the inner mansion to dwell in UNION WITH CHRIST
    Formation & the Syllabus is based on the following Dimensions Human, Christian, Communitarian, Spiritual ,life of faith & Consecrated life.