Final Profession/Ongoing Formation - The Congregation of The Carmelite Religious

Final Profession/Ongoing Formation

Perpetual profession brings to a close the Institutional formation but growth in Christ must continue and hence each one takes special care to ensure steady all round growth, greater fidelity to the charism and true fulfilment in life. Every sister after final profession has to peruse systematically the goals and objectives that consecrated life has been setting before her during the various phases and stages of formation, The purpose of this intervention, “Ongoing Formation”, is helping the Religious in facing various problems that could arise in the living and practice of the Vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience.

Goals of ongoing formation

  • Ongoing formation is sustained support and enlightenment, in order to be steady in the path of growth in Christ.
  • It is a process for deepening and personalizing the identity as a Carmelite and as a disciple of Jesus.
  • It is an opportunity to safeguard and deepen the initial fervour as well as find mature solutions for challenges we encounter in our consecrated life.
  • It is to help the CCR sisters in their overall human and spiritual growth and mission.
  • To enable the Congregation to fulfil its mission more dynamically, in fidelity to its charism, responding effectively to the needs of the time.

T here could be problems in community living and interpersonal relationships. Some difficulties could also arise from some doubts about one’s religious calling, problems of prayer, or an intimate relationship with God or with Jesus Christ. All these are specific issues and have to be tackled directly and, at times, with specific therapeutic interventions including spiritual direction, psychological counselling, personal or group therapy and the like. But, the overall emphasis of this contribution is more in the lines of visualizing ongoing formation as a means that could offset the presentation of doubts, or problems, or difficulties with regard to one’s vocation.

The different needs could be taken into account and plan different programmes as per the age after the Final professions.