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Superior General’s Message

Birth Bi-Centennial Year of Venerable Mother Veronica of the Passion

1923 to 2023


S ince her birth 200 years ago, the influence of Mother Veronica on the world and the Church has been truly significant, both directly through her own writings and indirectly through the enormous activities of a good number of her daughters both AC’s and CCR’s in the field of education and other works of mercy.

This year has been a time of ethnic strife, religious violence, and the rise of the rightist, populist regimes across the world. Even so, in this climate too, Mother Veronica is an inspiring model and a teacher for us today. Through her life experiences, she became tremendously attached to Christ, in whose service she differentiated herself. Her view of the world is very vivid even today, of a vast spiritual battlefield, where the forces of good are involved endlessly in a fierce war with the forces of evil. Hence, she insists not only on courage and generosity, but also on wise discernment and on living the principles of Christ, identifying with the poor and the suffering, bearing all the insults and all the wrongs and abuses. The Church today needs men and women of fidelity to Christ with apostolic mission and vision.

We, too, her followers, would do well to keep in mind her insistence that the central truths of the Gospels can be life-transforming only when they have truly affected the heart, and not just the head. Hence, today Mother Veronica encourages us to be contemplative in action.

Pope Francis has proved to be the best example of this spirituality. According to him, “Everything comes from this: from a heart that feels that it is looked on with love. Then reality is contemplated with different eyes.”

While we commemorate the bicentennial year of the birth of our Foundress, Venerable Mother Veronica of the Passion, we are called for a transformation and to seek the will of God in disturbing situations that prevail today. As we venerate her, we seek her intercession and listen to her call to be the 'keepers of the flame' lit by her and to spread it far and wide.

God begins every miracle with a seed picture and dream seeds are the invisible visions within, planted by God.

Superior General

Sr. Molly Attully

An endearing personality blessed with a compassionate heart, Sr. Molly touched the lives of many as a Teacher and Head of Institutions in Queen of Angels Convent H.S.S, Baruch, Gujarat, Sacred Heart Convent H.S.S Mathura, U.P, Holy Angels Convent H.S.S and Trivandrum and as a lecturer in St. Teresa’s Institute of Education, Mumbai.
- Elected General Councillor for Education and Mission in 2011
- Re-elected as in 2017 as Assistant Superior General and was in charge of Spirituality and ongoing Formation.
- In 2023 elected as the Superior General.

1st Councillor for Spirituality

Sr. Philda Varghese

- Served as a Teacher, Assistant Headmistress and Animator of the community.
- Assistant Provincial of St. Joseph’s Province, Pune from 2014- 2017.
- Provincial Superior of St. Joseph’s Province, Pune from 2017- 2023.
- In 2023 elected as the Assistant Superior General.

2nd Councillor for Education and Social Apostolate

Sr. Clare D’souza

- Served as a Teacher and Principal.
- Provincial Councillor of St. Teresa’s Province, Mumbai from 2006 – 2014.
- Provincial Superior for the St. Teresa’s Province, Mumbai from 2014- 2021.
- Elected as the 2nd General Councillor in 2023.

3rd Councillor for Finance

Sr. Mary M.M

- Served as a Teacher, Headmistress and Animator of Communities.
- Provincial Councillor of St. Therese’s Province, Kerala for Education and Mission from 2008- 2011.
- Elected as the Provincial Superior of St. Therese’s Province, Kerala from 2011- 2017.
- In 2017 elected as the General Councillor and in 2023 re-elected as the General Councillor for Finance.

4th Councillor for Formation

Sr. Paulina I.V

- Served as a Teacher, Headmistress and Animator.
- Councillor to the Provincial of St. Joseph’s Province, Pune from 2014- 2017.
- Vocation Promotor and Formator of St. Joseph’s Province, Pune.
- In 2023 elected as the General Councillor for Formation.

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