Formation in our Congregation comprises four stages-Aspirancy, Postulancy, Novitiate, Juniorate. These years form the initial level in formation.

During the stage of Aspirancy our candidates are initially housed in few of our convents of each province for the first few months learning the language and the day to day religious and community activities.

Our Congregation has started a common aspirancy programme in Andhra Pradesh for the aspirants of all our Provinces

The CCR Novitiate is situated in Pune. Our candidates spend two years in intensive prayer and training discerning their call and strengthening their commitment to Christ and the Congregation

The Juniorate period normally last for a minimum period of six years. During these years the sisters deepen their interior life in relation to Christ and grow in maturity in relation to the community and the apostolate. It is also a time during which they equip themselves with all the knowledge and professional training they aquire to live as valid members of the Congregation.