Spirituality & Apostolate


As Carmelites we are called to be women of prayer, contemplatives in action. With the Eucharist as the centre we seek to radiate the love of Christ to every human being and promote gospel values.

Vision :

Creation of a new human society where equality, freedom, love, justice, peace and joy reign in an eco-friendly communion.


Education, Socio-Pastoral Work, Caring for the sick, and aged, Hospitality

Our apostolate centres around education through which we seek to empower the girl child and inculcate in all our students an eco friendly pro-life attitude and promote inter religious harmony. Reading the signs of the times we have committed ourselves to the emergence of a new humanity by our socio-pastoral involvement at various levels. In parishes we are, like our Mother, teachers of Gospel values and co-builders of the Christian communities through BCC, house visits, counseling the alcoholics etc.. In the schools through proactive moral education and by providing adequate opportunities such as counseling services, life coping skills and prayer sessions we help our students to find God and meaning for their life. We raise our voice against abortion, female faeticide and educate the youth and adults to protect and respect human life from the moment of its conception till a natural death, regardless of gender.

We are involved in caring for the mentally challenged and in social activities among the marginalized and the tribals. At the request of Propaganda Fide, a bold step was taken in 1975 to serve the Universal Church in Rome. In Bayonne, France, the cradle of the Congregation, the Sisters served the Major Seminary from 1979-1999. They continue to render their services in Italy, Germany, Kenya and the United States.


We reach out to humanity to bring the fullness of life and harmony in society and the cosmos.